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Living room is a place where we spend most of our time relaxing and soothing ourselves. One of the common sources of entertainment which is television is also nowadays placed in the living room itself. It is place where all the members of a family congregate at least once in a day. So the Vastu considerations for a living room are to be strictly followed for the better understanding and positive vibrations of the family members.The list provided below are the vital points that need to be considered while setting up the Living Room.


  • As the Living room should be near the entrance, the location of a Living room is based on the direction the house faces:
    1. In a North facing site: The Living room can be in the North-East.
    2. In a West facing site: The Living room can be in the North-West.
    3. In a South facing site: One can have a South-East Living room.


  • Furniture should be placed most probably in west or south direction. It should be square or rectangular not in oval, circular or any other odd shape.
  • TV should be placed in South-East direction.
  • Air-conditioners should be placed on the west walls or north walls
  • Telephones should be placed in the South-West direction.
  • Aquariums can be placed in the North East and North-East of living room direction.
  • Paintings of water wall or a rising sun can inherit positive energy into the room.
  • The door of living room should be in east or north direction because doors are very auspicious in these directions
  • Windows in east and north are beneficial.
  • Above the entrance doors photographs of deities should not be placed. Only one photograph or tile painting of Lord Ganesha should be placed above the entrance door on the outer side.s


  • The colors in the living room can be blue, white yellow or green. Avoid black and red color in living room.


  • The head of the family should always be seated in the South-Western corner of the living room facing north or east.
  • The seating of guest must be in the South-West or North-West direction so that they face west or south.

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